Clash in Harmony

Recently, I collaborated with a close friend of mine, Mae Anne Amper to help her in her group’s final project for Western Art History. We filmed two dancers, namely Angela and Martin Padilla, who can be seen in my recent photo posts.

Filmed by: Mae Anne Amper/Taryn Navarro

Edited by: Mae Anne Amper

A Multimedia Arts Timeline

For those of you who still haven’t had an idea of what Multimedia Arts really is, time to watch this video Kari Garcia (@karicalamari) and I did for our MMINTRO (Introduction to Multimedia Arts) midterm project as go back where it all started. It’s a short and simple video telling us how the world of multimedia started and how it evolved to this generation.

Filmed/Edited by: Taryn Navarro

Team Elite | Workshop x Auditions 2014

This video is for the purpose of showcasing the outcome of Team Elite’s recent workshop and auditions. An astounding number of 78 people attended the recent workshop held my Team Elite (@teamelite_ph) last Wednesday (June 18, 2014). We would like to thank everyone who took time to share their talents in dancing with us!

Filmed/Edited by: Taryn Navarro

Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran | Aennon Tabungar Choreography

For the love of dancing and for Co-Captain of Team Elite, Aennon Tabungar, I helped him film and conceptualized for his first concept video. He choreographed the Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love. The video is a bit ‘amateur’, since this is also my first dance video and we filmed and edited all of this only in one day.

Choreographer: Aennon Tabungar

Filmed by: Jude Garcia & Taryn Navarro

Edited by: Taryn Navarro